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Uniquely situated in the North-East of England, we are within close proximity to the major towns and cities of Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland & Washington and have easy access to major roads, such as the A1 & A19.

As well as being the only movie poster website based in North-East England, we also have one of the largest movie poster inventories currently available on the internet!

From the Americas to Australia, provenance and originality is guaranteed.

Rest assured that everything you see on this website is authentic. We source all of our items from legitimate persons, organisations and/or companies; some of whom are very well known in movie memorabilia circles.

For example: One of our acquisitions was a consignment being the former property of The Ed & Susan Poole Collection (The Moviebuffs Gallery), of New Orleans, USA. When the collection first hit the UK shores back in 1997 it was deemed to include one of the largest, private inventories of original American and British movie posters ever located in the UK. Both Ed & Susan now own, and run, an informative website synonymous with many movie poster collectors.

We are always looking to acquire collections and individual items, so if you have something you think we may be interested in then please click onto the Wanted section and let us know what you have!

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All prices on this website are reflected and based on the following for each item:

  • Movie Title
  • Condition
  • Rarity
  • Country of Origin
  • Supply & Demand
  • Stock Availability

We advise anyone before buying a movie poster to make sure they know what they are looking at and/or that they buy from a reputable seller, such as ourselves.


Also, if you have time, please rate this website by clicking HERE! Any feedback is welcome and appreciated, so long as it is not derogatory, demeaning and/or offensive!


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