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Welcome To Our Grading System Guide!

There are many grading systems in use today. Some are good, some are bad!

Some systems use a 4-step guide eg Condition A, Condition B etc, which leaves little flexibility in the precise grading of an item.

Most people, however, follow the same guidelines set out by Mr. Jon Warren.

This system devised by Warren is recognised and used worldwide.

The current grading system we use has been adapted from the system published by Warren through the Iguide Movie Poster Publications, and was done so in March, 2006.

We have outlined all the major points of this system to provide you with a precise and as accurate as possible informative guide; one that you can use yourself, should you wish to do so.

If you have any trouble understanding the guide, or would like to ask a question, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

As stated previously, there are different grading systems in use. Even though Mr. Jon Warren's system is the most widely used, we do advise you to make yourself familiar with other available grading systems.

* The vast amount of items offered on this website are of C7-10 condition *

Universal 10-Point Movie Poster Grading Scale (Adapted from Mr. Jon Warren)

* C10 or M (MINT) *

An item meritting this grade must meet the following criteria;

(I) The item is an "As New" condition, or it is in the same condition as the day it was made (usually representing Perfect or Almost Perfect condition).

(II) The item exhibits an amazing state of preservation with virtually no perceptible flaws of any kind, other than very minor flaws that may have occurred during the printing process.

(III) Printing registration should be perfect. (All this means, basically, is that during the printing process the alignment of the colours were perfect, so that there are NO offset images).

(IV) All edges of the item are crisp, sharp, with NO fraying or dents of any kind.

(V) Any fold lines present must not break the ink on the item (which causes a faint white line).

(VI) A rolled poster must NOT have been folded under any circumstances.

* C9 or NM (NEAR MINT) *

An item meritting this grade must meet the following criteria;

(I) The item is in an "Unused", or very carefully used, state.

(II) There maybe a minor storage defect, including one very minor border tear (less than 0.5cm in length).

(III) One tiny pinhole in each corner is acceptable.

(IV) Very slight compression marks (indentations) from cinema use may be present (ie from poster being clamped in a display unit).

(V) Item may have very slight fold wear; any such wear must not significantly affect the eye appeal of the image.

(VI) Any folds present must not have damaged the actual poster print/image.

(VII) Edges are almost perfect, with absolutely NO edge fraying.

(VII) Printing registration is slightly offset.

(IX) A rolled poster must NOT have been folded under any circumstances.

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