MovieMemories.com is having a HUGE CLEAR-OUT!
One big lot; ONE BIG SALE!

With my commitment to James Bond increasing continually, I have decided to reduce my selling to James Bond Posters & Memorabilia only, meaning everything that is NOT James Bond related MUST GO!

The MovieMemories.com Collection includes one of the LARGEST original US & UK movie poster inventories ever located in the UK.

The majority of the collection was acquired from Ed & Susan Poole (The Moviebuffs Gallery) of New Orleans, USA back in 1997 by a UK dealer who had it shipped over to the UK at considerable expense. I then acquired it from that dealer in 2007.   Some of you may be aware, and some may not, that Ed & Susan Poole own, and run, LAMP (LearnAboutMoviePosters.com) which is a very well respected & admired movie poster information resource. It is well worth a look.   Complete provenance of this collection is guaranteed.

Many of the rolls of posters that were shipped to the UK over ten years ago have still not been opened.
And since I acquired it, the collection has barely been touched. All of the unopened rolls remain just that - UNOPENED & UNTOUCHED!

The collection consists of an inventory of more than 7000 items, almost all of which are not listed on this website.

Brief stock breakdown:

Over 6500 rolled and folded US One Sheets
Over 150 rolled UK Quads
Over 100 rolled UK Mini-Quads
Over 50 UK Press Kits (including 100s of black and white stills)
Over 200 US and UK Lobby Cards
Around 7 rolled US 30x40s
Around 15 folded US Six Sheets
Over 30 folded US Three Sheets
Around 8 rolled US Bus Shelters
Around 6 folded US 24 Sheets
Around 16 folded French Grande
Around 3 rolled French Petit
Over 50 rolled Swedish XXX (various sizes)
Around 10 rolled Banners

That is an estimated total of 7,145 items.

In addition to the aforementioned, there are hundreds more mini posters, full size UK & US posters, and some framed pieces; all of which are not listed.

This brings the total to near 8,000 items.

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